G8 Summit Heiligendamm

It was a big event – or shall we say, “show”, as 2007 the most powerful of this earth met in the small East German city of Heiligendamm to discuss world history. It was also a big protest movement, or shall we say, “get together”, for many, including those seeking an outlet for their displeasure. The primary objective was to hinder the hermetically guarded heads of state from actually arriving. This was doomed to fail thanks to an armada of police and military. And of course: there was the rioting, always a part of the program… to attract the necessary attention.

A colleague and I decided to commission ourselves to cover the event – in collaboration with the agency LAIF. We camped out for a week close by Heiligendamm. In our photographer commune, we enjoyed the sun, the good vibes and the good pix.