Bamberg Diary #1 (Excerpt)

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Since 2015 I accompany the orchestra of the Bamberger Symphoniker around the world on their tours. Music has always played a big role in my life (whether as a teenager, as a racing cyclist, as a photographer …). I am always accompanied by music – even when taking pictures. For five years now I have had the pleasure of accompanying, listening to and photographing one of the best orchestras in the world in the best halls in the world.

“Bamberg Diaries” now appear in a loose order. The first – here – is now published. Here is a small excerpt …

The next one will be “China”.

Bamberg Diary #1
German / English
Andreas Herzau (Photography)
Holger Noltze (Editor)
Text by: Alfred Brendel, Eleonore Büning, Jacob Burckhardt, Holger Noltze, Uwe Rada
276 pages, 140 photographs
ISBN: 978-3-03850-074-2
Nimbusbooks. Kunst und Bücher (CH), 2020
EUR 25.00 | CHF 28.00